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Increase your Impact as a Leader

There are dimensions in leadership that open up more opportunities for you to influence others. They are hidden in your personality and in the knowledge of organizational and cultural dynamics. To uncover these, we can also use the evolta Personal-Strategy-Profile© Coaching. As a result, your leadership style will become more authentic and effective.

The key to your success lies in the combination of factual and psycho-logic. What are your answers to these questions?

  • Are you setting clear objectives, reasonable delegation and controlling?
  • Are you taking responsibility and making straightforward and transparent decisions?
  • Are you developing attractive ideas and strategies, even under dynamic conditions?
  • Are you showing a good balance between generalist vision and micromanagement?
  • Are you working successfully with different people, cultures, and values?
  • Are you assigning tasks to your staff according to their strengths and do you also offer constructive criticism?
  • Are you clearly communicating your expectations, and do you take feedback well?
  • Are you aware of your power and do you use it wisely?

Evolve your Team to Peak Performance

In top management, departmental and expert teams, everyone must excel under constant change and high dynamics. External environmental factors and internal influences require strategy and goal adjustments, change and culture transformation.

These challenging questions I have already answered with teams. Which ones concern you?

  • How do we define success, our DNA, our image, and our core message?
  • What strategic goals do we have amid trends, markets, and competition?
  • How can we create an inspiring vision of the future, our “big picture”?
  • How do we adapt our structures, processes, and interfaces flexibly and efficiently?
  • Who is really responsible, accountable and decides on what kind of topics?
  • How do we achieve the change from “departmental silos” to cooperative collaboration?
  • Which key persons and opinion leaders are shaping power and micro-politics?
  • What quality and service standards do we want to achieve and how?
  • How do we promote constructive lateral thinking, innovation, and creative diversity?
  • How do we design leadership change, generation management and succession?
  • How do we balance the differences in our team into a joint alignment?
  • How can we create more openness, trust, and team spirit?
  • What kind of expectations, values and questions of meaning influence our roles and culture?
  • How does each of us “tick”, are the attitude, type and personal “instruction manual”?
  • Which strengths are bringing us high performance, good mood, and motivation?
  • How can we overcome our comfort zones, old habits, and routines?
  • What team rules do we want to commit to for achieving appreciative communication?
  • How can we solve conflicts and negative emotions without collateral damage?
  • How do we involve the doubters, the resisters and the “corporate inhabitants”?
  • How can we move in change from a “valley of tears” to a positive momentum?

Strenghten your in-house Leadership Skills

Leadership programs strengthen management knowledge, leadership know-how and personal development on leadership issues. During my many years of consulting and training since 1993, I have conducted a large number of leadership programs in cooperation with the evolta consultant network or the Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership (Vienna). Classical leadership programs are mostly designed for large groups, encompass modules of several days as well as practical phases.

The evolta leadership-program is specially designed for smaller, in-house management teams. It starts for each executive with a check-up of their professional positioning and role using the individual Personal Strategy Profile© coaching. This is followed by short team workshops with all participants to train the most important management and leadership tools. This program is very much appreciated by the participants because of its high flexibility, time efficiency and practical orientation.

Case Studies on
Leader & Team

This selection of my case studies shows typical requests of my clients and my approach & methods: