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Discover your Uniqueness with the Personal-Strategy-Profile

Today our professional paths of life are just as complex and dynamic as our economic world.

If you want to strengthen your position or take a new career step, we will apply the Personal-Strategy-Profile process to consolidate your professional position and discover your individual “uniqueness”. We will determine your clear professional role, find the optimal cooperation with your key stakeholders, set important strategic decisions, and plan your ideal future.

The evolta Personal-Strategy-Profile is performed as an executive coaching and consulting either face-to-face or via online-coaching (duration: 1 day or 2 x 4 hours) and complemented by a two-hour follow-up coaching. For regular reflection, you may want to continue your development process with the evolta executive coaching & consulting portfolio or the evolta Top- Manager-Program.

The evolta Personal-Strategy-Profile process encompasses:

Review: Where do I come from?

  • Which role models, family background and decisions shape my career path?
  • Which central theme can be derived from my career biography?
  • Which values, wishes and goals do are really mine, which ones are not?

Internal Analysis: Who am I?

  • What specific type am I, how are my attitude and character influencing my success?
  • What motivates me, what makes sense for me, where does my energy flow to?
  • Do I recognize my weaknesses and limitations, wherein lies my inner strength?

External Analysis: Where do I stand today?

  • Which external expectations and requirements are influencing my professional role?
  • What opportunities and risks can I identify in my professional environment?
  • How can I achieve an optimal balance between my private and professional life?

Core Competencies: What is my specialty?

  • What is my professional identity, what makes me special?
  • How can I better develop my strengths, knowledge, and talents?
  • How can I radiate self-confidence, credibility, and authenticity?

Vision: Where do I want to go?

  • How do I best position myself in my current professional role?
  • Which professional future scenario and direction do I choose?
  • Which strategies will lead me to a successful career and quality of life?

Benefit from Executive Coaching & Consulting for your Success

With evolta executive coaching & consulting we will find exactly the answers that will give you maximum leverage to your challenging questions.

Since 1993, I have been continuously inspired to support people in their professional challenges as their senior coach, sparring partner and person of trust.

To achieve this, I am applying executive coaching with appreciative questions and plenty of space for your insights and executive consulting with my comprehensive practical experience and personal view in our conversations.

Together we combine up-to-date management know-how with your professional personality development. Thereby you will gain many useful insights and new, meaningful options for action.

The scope of your evolta coaching and consulting process (2 hours per unit) will be tailored exactly to your requests and challenges.

The evolta Executive Coaching & Consulting portfolio encompasses:

  • Role as a leader: leadership style, role model effect, difficult leadership situations, leadership transition, micro-politics, and networking
  • Employee management: performance reviews, development meetings, talent management, goal setting and controlling, praise and criticism
  • Team development: team leadership and team culture, reorganizations, strategic prioritization, conflict resolution, communication rules
  • Change and project management: change process architecture, strategy and goal development, dealing with resistance, cultural change
  • Social skills: motivation, communication, conflict resolution, high performance, modes of influence, dealing with emotions
  • Self, time, and stress management: personality type, attitude, values, behavior patterns, self-motivation, work-life balance

Extend your Horizon with the Top-Manager-Program

At the top and stopped learning?

In their leadership and management role, particularly top managers do not need “yes sayers” around them, but primarily a constructive-critical dialogue with a sparring partner at their eye level. For this purpose, I have assembled the evolta Top-Manager-Program, which provides you with a tailor-made individual coaching and consulting process.

This program is based on the multi-module course “Hernstein General Manager Program”, which was held at the Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership (Vienna) from 1989 to 2014. As a product manager (2001-2004), development program manager, consultant, and trainer (2009 – 2014), I have accompanied and trained a large number of top managers from the DACH region over many years.

The evolta Top-Manager-Program is compact, time-efficient and can be planned and controlled individually.

The evolta Top-Manager-Program – Executive Coaching & Consulting encompasses:

  • Module 1: Positioning as a top manager with the Personal-Strategy-Profile
    (4 x 2 hours) Leading in the interplay between one’s own values and the goals of the organization
  • Module 2: Securing sustainability  – external orientation
    (2 x 2 hours) Leadership in the interplay between global market and local strategy process
  • Module 3: Implementing change – internal orientation
    (2 x 2 hours) Leadership in the interplay between change and stability/
  • Module 4: Living leadership successfully – evolvement orientation
    (2 x 2 hours) Top management balancing personal aspiration and reality

Case Studies on
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This selection of my case studies shows typical requests of my clients and my approach & methods: